Groove to the Top Tunes from the 80’s

Wearing your neon sequined tights and shoulder padded jacket, you and your fellow party goers are ready to get groovy on the dancefloor. Your puffed curly hair ruffles slightly in the wind as you turn up the beats pelting from none other than your Atomic Jukebox. Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean fills the room as the disco ball throws flecks of light, bouncing from wall to wall. The disco flashing light box beside your Jukebox scatters colour throughout the room and your feet stomp the floor to the the beat of the music. Your 80’s style disco is a success, but wouldn’t be complete without a blast from the past! Although their legs already feel like jelly, your guests find the courage to move and groove to Nutbush City Limits. As the song filters throughout the room, watch your friends fill the dancefloor and dance the night away!

Jukeboxes that make you Thirsty for More

After a long night of dancing, your guests need something sweet to rejuvenate their energy. At Atomic Jukeboxes, we know that thirsty guests can make your 80’s party a flop. That’s why we provide you and your guests with Cocktail Machine Hire! Our Cocktails include Blue Lagoon, Midori Illusion, Cola, Fruit Tingle, Sex on the Beach, Pina Colada, Margarita, Mango Daiquiri plus so many more. But wait, what are the tiny tots going to drink, I hear you ask? They cannot have alcohol. Well you are in luck! At Atomic Jukeboxes, we cater to everyone’s needs, including those who wish not to have an alcoholic beverage. Our range of mocktails include Wild Berry, Cola, Blue Lemonade, Orange Crush and Tropical Tang leaving you revitalized and ready to take on the dancefloor!

Where are you going to go to get your Guests Groovy?

Atomic Jukeboxes caters for people who are hosting their event right down the coast. Our team delivers jukeboxes and Cocktail Machines to people in Wollongong, Nowra, Bomaderry, Vincentia, Huskisson, St Georges Basin, Sanctuary Point, Ulladulla, Kangaroo Valley and all surrounding areas free of charge! So where are you going to go for entertainment for your next 80’s disco? Atomic Jukebox and Cocktail Machine Hire of course! We cannot wait to get you grooving and moving to the beat of the music.