It’s that time of year again. The weather is warming up, Christmas is fast approaching and parties are being planned all over the Shoalhaven, and all over the country! There is no shortage of things to consider when planning a celebration, with music being one of the main elements to consider. In our experience music and food are the two things that people complain about the most at a party. So how can hiring a jukebox help keep your guests happy? Let’s find out…

A Jukebox is a Crowd Pleaser

Music is a matter of personal taste. There is such a huge variety of musical styles and music artists out there that pleasing everyone at a party is an almost impossible feat. Many hosts also make the mistake of playing the music THEY like rather than a variety of music that will appeal to all tastes. After all, your favourite song may make someone else want to reach for the earplugs or even wonder what song it is that’s playing! A bit of a vibe killer don’t you think? So what’s the answer? Well you could program a playlist but this is a time consuming task especially if you’re trying to include different, or unfamiliar, genres. If the music is streaming from your phone your guests may also feel uncomfortable interfering with it.  This is why a jukebox solves all your music problems! A jukebox allows guests to program the party soundtrack themselves, it gets them involved in the celebration and provides a rounded selection of popular music.

A Jukebox Takes Up Less Space and is Cost Effective

Some of the best parties are those that feature a live band or a DJ. These are both great options for creating a buzzing atmosphere but both require space and a big budget. Hiring a jukebox requires neither and still creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere. For example, our slim line machines stand just 1.6m high and only require a floor space of 600mm x 500mm. What does this mean for your party? More room for dancing of course! They also come with 2 high quality microphones for singing along or speeches and announcements. Some of the most memorable parties we have been to are those where the Karaoke really kicks off!

Atomic Jukeboxes Deliver to Your Door

Whatever type of celebration you are having  – wedding, engagement , birthday  – it requires planning and a lot of your time. That’s why Atomic Jukeboxes deliver and pickup in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and South Coast. We understand that you have enough going on so we want to make your experience with us completely stress free. Get in touch with us to find out more about our machines or and ask for a free quote.