Party planning can be stressful, especially if you leave it to the last-minute! Ideally you should start planning a party at least three weeks before the chosen date, especially if you are planning a large event. With a well thought out plan and a good checklist, it’s much easier to host a successful party. Just remember, you’ll never tick of everything so try to focus on the things that matter most to you and your guests.

Planning A Successful Party: 5 Important Considerations

  1. Invitations – How big do you want your event to be? Have a clear idea of how many people you want to invite and stick with you plan. Remember, it’s typical for only 80% of invitees to attend so it’s a good idea to invite more people than your maximum number if you want your event to be buzzing. Try and send out invites approximately 3 weeks before.
  2. Location – Location is everything! Think about parking, toilets, accessibility, kitchen, bar and timings. Will your event be seated or more cocktail style? Maybe you are considering having both seated and standing areas? Some signage will be useful if you can’t greet each guest so they know where the toilets are how to get a drink.
  3. Weather – Always, always, always have a back up plan. Rain, heat and other extreme weather events can ruin an outdoor party. Even if you have hired an indoor venue, last-minute cancellations can happen due to unforeseen events. Always have a Plan B.
  4. Catering – Food is always a talking point of any event. Whether you are planning on self-catering or outsourcing, you need to plan ahead. For self-caterers, set a budget, gather recipes and make a shopping list, keeping in mind how far in advance each dish can be made. If you are hiring a caterer, or placing an order with your local deli, lock in your date asap.
  5. Music – Music can make or break a party. Much like food, music is always one of the talking points of any event. When people complain about having a terrible time at a party, music or food (or both) is usually involved. Some people like to spend hours creating the perfect playlist, but if you want an easier option (and one that is more likely to please your guests) you can hire a jukebox. That way your guests can choose their own soundtrack and it’s much cheaper than hiring a band!

Planning  party? Check out this comprehensive party planning checklist.

Jukebox Hire and Cocktail Machine Hire

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